My practical work has shown a development through research . a few images to show this progression

Air , Steel and Tar

 Bypass – Acrylic and tar on canvas 

ipad photos 665

                                         Air, steel and tar– Acrylic and tar on steel

ipad photos 675

An example of materials used from the site and the appropriation of objects 

concret pic

            Displacement – Concrete and steel on  board 

Evident in the work is my influence of the environment and by that i mean my doorstep . It is the changing landscape that is influencing me . it aims to explore the layer and strata of the evolving land . the importance of materials has become important in the realization of this .

I include my statement and proposal for further clarification

proposal trimester 1 (final)

Statement Trimester 1


The South Devon Link Road


My influence has been the construction of a 140 million bypass road in South Devon . it has obviously stirred up a bit of controversy with environmentalists and residents but for me it’s almost a piece of artwork in itself . It is the change and sumersion in place that is driving me and i spend many a day their working , and speaking to residents and road workers  to build up an holistic picture .

ipad photos 440

                               South Devon Link Road – own photoipad photos 352                                  South Devon Link road – Own photo   

ipad photos 652                                      South Devon Link road – Own photo

The word Landscape


The word Landscape

We can derive a lot from the word landscape itself . It is both a verb and a noun . If I landscape my garden it automatically implies that I am going to change the physical layout of it . I’m going to “manscape” it to coin a phrase .At least with my bare hands but I may wield a shovel or hoe along it surface to sculpt its contours into what I feel is pleasing .

On the other hand as a noun to many people it implies the object of something natural and moreover something beautiful , rolling fields , hedgerows , green hills . But isn’t that a very English view …? A predisposed view somehow ingrained in our psyche through images we grew up with . The paintings of John Constable did it for me . Yes we did have one of those piteous reproductions  of the Hay wain hanging above the fireplace but no matter how bad it did subconsciously affect my sensibilities towards the landscape. Another thing about the Haywain is the resounding political implications the painting had at the time. It is hard to think so but looking at this painting we can read into a national history . Did Constable mean it …? Well there’s another post !

Instilling the interpretation of the landscape

Instilling the interpretation of the landscape

However according to Schama in his book Landscape and Memory(Harper Collins 1995) the word landscape entered the English landscape as a Dutch import at the end of the 16th Century . The word landschap signified a unit of human existence . It was synonymous with the polders and dams themselves a testimony to mans talents for engineering the landscape . And so the word landscape can imply something shaped not necessarily assuming natural beauty .