John Virtue

Colour’s a Confusion and gets in  the way


John Virtue

It’s how I see… it deepens my sense of what colour is there by eschewing the colour.

What I see on a cold April morning in 2004 – 300 feet up looking down the Thames – is best and more accurately, and actually, conveyed through not having a palette of oil paint, than having a palette of oil paints.

The colour would be a cul-de-sac, the colour would be a blind, the colour would immediately refer back to Claude, would refer back to Turner, would refer back to Constable. The very things that would suck you into a way of painting that is not only referential – it is almost subjugated by that tradition.

As I work I can empathise with Virtues statement . if your prime concern as an artist is to examine the change then it becomes a matter of changing forms . Yes the colours change but that is a mere consequence of those changing forms so why should the concern be with colour . In this respect it unnecessary. 


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