Annotated Bibliography


Bermingham. A. (1989) Landscape and Ideology. University of California Press.

A good book that offers a different viewpoint on Constable . She challenges the sole understanding of Constable through his correspondence through letters to his friends and family . It is more analytic of the importance of Constable in landscape painting and restores the balance of emphasis compared to Turner .

Hepher . D. Sim and Cro productions (2011)Flowers[online video] Available from [accessed December 2013]

One of the most important things i took from  this is the exploration of materials in Hepher’s work . Working on concrete grounds on canvas the importance of materials to the subject becomes apparent . A slight contradiction in his change from a more exploratory process to a more traditional approach when switching environments . however it is the emphasis he puts on “submersion in the place to develop a style ” that is influencing me.

John Virtue London paintings(2005)(DVD)National Gallery Company

The limited but different use of materials seems somewhat of an oxymoron in the artist who is concerned with the development of the landscape genre . However what is striking is the monumental approach and the submersion in place.

Lauterwein. A.(2007)Anselm Kiefer , Paul Celan , Myth Mourning and Memory. Thames and Hudson

you are almost  on a hiding to nothing to try and explain and bring meaning to Keifer’s work as the artist is elusive about his practice . however the book does give some insight into Kiefer’s drivers but by no means the definitive answer.

Karmel.P.(2003) Picasso and the invention of Cubism.Yale University Press

Quite an informative and comprehensive view of the development of cubism. So much written on the subject and the importance that it offers no real insights that aren’t already assumed.

More of an appraisal of the early British Romantic painters and really explaining Pipers own admiration for these . However a good knowledge of the painters of the time ..

Piper .J.(1946) British Romantic Artists. Collins(1990) Reading landscape . Manchester University Press.

Pugh . S(1990) Reading landscape . Manchester University Press.

A great book that offers viewpoints on role of landscape.

Schama. S. (1996) landscape and Memory . Fontana Press

A hefty and very comprehensive book exploring landscape and memory although Schama quite quickly dismisses the environmentalist viewpoint and the role of man’s interaction with the apparent faltering of the Earth and land .

Sebald. W.G(202) Rings of Saturn. Vintage

A great combination of fiction and non-fiction that highlights the history of the characters travels . It strikes a chord with the emotions and makes you mourn for the things lost . Quite depressing at the end for someone who is concerned with the land that it spurs you into action to make your own observations . Very much a contrasting view to Schama.

South Devon Link Road Project(date unspecified) {online}Available at

AA point of reference that has supplemented my own submersion in the place . Obvious benefits of the schemre and concern with the environment are highlighted and a selected view of the residents are tipped inf avour of the scheme . By no means the only way of understanding a changing landscape

The Genius of turner (2011) Dir Beavan.c. .BBC Documentary

A new insight into the work of Turner and offers a new interpretation of some of the works .  However have been formed with the benefit of hindsight and ignores earlier interpretations as to Turner’s motives

This Green and Pleasant Land (2013) Dir Geilinger .S. BBc documentary

A concise development Landscape painting . However very selective and subjective of the artists on display

Upstone .U.(1991) Sketchbook of the Romantics. Tiger Books International

I found this very useful because it brings to light the sketches and helps me understand the difference between etude and esquisse

Dexter Dalwood seminar series 

A truly commendable set of seminars that is still ongoing …!

The overall aim of the series is to examine what drives artists to make art and their influences . it has been by critical analysis and discussion of these aspects that makes you evaluate your own practice .By doing this it also influences your own practice . to any future MA student then sign up for these. here is a list of texts and media studied .

Fitzgerald . S.Tender is the night (1934)Orion publishing Group

Although fictitious it draws parallels to Fitzgerald’s own life . Problems with his own wifes mental illness and alcoholism along with his own fight for recognition become apparent as influences and drivers throughout the novel.

Deller.J. The Battle of Orgreave (2001) Channel 4

Examines the artist’s quest for the truth . In a truly original way Deller , as all artists should, evaluates his materials in his exploration of the real truth behind the miners strike and subsequent stand of between police and striking miners at the pit colliery of Orgreave.He very cleverly gets original participants of the miners strike and reverses their positions . ie police enact the miners role and vice versa . Also present are secondary participants of the offspring of police and miners . Locals and reenactment specialist are all brought into the mix in a search for an understanding.

Jones .D. Moon(2003) U tube { Accessed Dec  2013}

Duncan Jones (formally Zowie Bowie ) son of David Bowie attempts to find his own identity and throw of the shackles of his fathers mega stardom .  reviews state that jones has found his own voice . however my own analysis leads to a strong influence of his father . two many references to Bowie’s glam Rock years are prelent in the film makes  visible the parental influence on an artist

Clarke . T . Picasso and the Truth (2013 ) Cloth

the examination of how Guernica came about . What is interesting is that picasso made Guernica five days after the event . It can be considered that Picasso used the political event for his development into the depiction of space . What is interesting is Gerhard Richter’s statement that you have to distance yourself from the event in terms of timebefore you can make art.  An important point for me to reflect uon in my own practice


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