Without an aim …


Without an aim or a goal there is a whole world of possibilities


Contemporary Venetian Landscape

It is not my intention for me to be polemic but to quote the artist Jeremy Deller ” There’s a few things i need to get off my chest . Make of the photos what you will..


                          Piazza San Marco . Venice – November 2013 – own photo


      Campo San Bartolomeo . San Marco Venice . November 2013 . Own photo


                     San Marco Airport Departure Hall . November 2013 . Own photo

photo 5

           Entrance to Saint Marks Basilica Venice . November 2013 . Own photo 

Enough said . It is not the job of the artist to drum bang or brow beat but I feel so much better now ! And there is an ultimate irony in this Venice we can see today given the origins of the place …!

Venetian Landscape

I had the pleasure of visiting Venice a short time ago for the Biennale .A bubbling festival of contemporary art sprayed around and dripping into every side street and nook and cranny that the city had to offer. I was full of anticipation after reading an article in the telegraph by one critic who had never been to Venice but going during the Biennale was an experience that was going to be hard to match . Images of Tintoretto ,Canneletto and John Virtue had long entered the psychic and so as I saw the distant Vista approaching on the vaperetto I began to realize what these artists had been attracted to . What other spectacles lay ahead within I wondered .

File:Piazza San Marco with the Basilica, by Canaletto, 1730. Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge.jpg Piazza San Marco Venice  – Caneletto (circa 1730)

Although I could not make a comparison to the Summer I think the lowering sun of November had cast longer shadows which  along with a slight mist that draped the city gave it a dramatic feel. One that stirred the senses from their slumber and a sense that is similarly aroused when visiting St Ives in Cornwall . The Barbara Hepworth Museum in Saint Ives has long been a pinnacle of my artistic solace . I quite often can lose myself there . Could I lose myself in Venice ?

John Virtue, Venice No. 290

Venice 290 – John Virtue 2007

There is something magnetic about John Virtues city landscapes.  “Colour’s a confusion and gets in the way ” If you approach Venice on the water taxi and take the time to look then you appreciate this statement . Its the lines and shapes along with the encompassing light that gives the city its form . It must be one of the best approaches to any city in the world . Cruising across the lagoon with the spray and the looming city that takes for an age to appear is reminiscent of a pix elated picture beginning to clear . Virtue maps out the horizon and it’s architecture like teeth . If you don’t get them in the right order it’s all wrong !